Meet CS-Cart - a Super Feature-Packed Ecommerce Platform

It has been powering 35,000 online stores in 172 countries since 2005.

Why CS-Cart is the Best Shopping Platform For Your Ecommerce Website

35,000 entrepreneurs in 172 countries have chosen CS-Cart for their businesses since 2005. The major part of our customers live and work in the US, the UK, Germany, Canada, and Australia. But CS-Cart is also trusted in distant, exotic corners of the world. Before opening their online stores, all our customers were on the cross road with an important question—what shopping platform to choose.

They chose CS-Cart. And here’s why:

1. Booted, Suited, and Ready to Get Executed

CS-Cart ships with 500 e-commerce features and a pre-built mobile-friendly storefront theme that you can visually customize. You can hardly imagine a feature CS-Cart software doesn’t have. When you get CS-Cart, you can start selling literally on the same day: no need to expand ecommerce functionality with add-ons or modifications. But if you do realize you need something CS-Cart doesn’t offer out of the box, you’ll definitely find what you need on the CS-Cart Marketplace.

2. Convenient Admin Panel

CS-Cart features a straightforward admin panel. All the menus are conveniently placed and any setting is maximum 3 clicks away. You’ll get familiar with the CS-Cart admin panel in a couple of hours and then teach your managers without too much effort.

3. Supported and Frequently Updated

CS-Cart releases 6 upgrades per year in average. Patch releases fix issues and minor (or major) releases both fix issues and add new features. CS-Cart stays up to date, protected from hackers, and compatible with the latest server technologies.

4. SEO-Optimized

Thanks to powerful built-in SEO tools and excellent performance optimization, web stores on CS-Cart get to the top of the search results in a couple of months. You don’t even need to hire a SEO specialist: just write nice products descriptions, compose your company story, fill in meta right in the admin panel and you’ll definitely get more customers.

5. Fully Controlled by You, the Owner

Once you buy CS-Cart - it’s all yours. You own it like you own a house and a car. No monthly payments. You have access to all the functionality: turn it off and on when you need it, add more features, and decide when to upgrade. CS-Cart is yours unlike SaaS solutions.

6. Super Adaptable

CS-Cart has an open source code. It means you can adapt our shopping cart software to any needs: develop more features, your own storefront theme, integrate with new payment and shipping services, and more. CS-Cart is LEGO for a skilled developer - hire one and construct an online store of your dream.

7. Cheaper Development

CS-Cart has everything you need to start your online business. But if you can’t find a feature you need out of the box, hire a developer to add it. Development for the CS-Cart ecommerce platform costs less that for other solutions. It is so because CS-Cart has a clean and easy-to-understand architecture. That’s why developers make modifications faster, which means cheaper.