by Harm Smits

Most active third party contributor

After some amazing news from CS-Cart, we have come to find out that we are indeed the most active third party contributor to CS-Cart. We are dedicated to CS-Cart and do not wish to keep a lot of the improvements to ourselves. And to celebrate, we got some lovely Russian chocolate and a Babushka!

What does this mean?

Being the most active third party contributor might not mean a lot to you, but it certainly does to us. It shows that we are very much interested in CS-Cart and intend to improve it as well, but not just for ourselves. The fact is, everyone in the CS-Cart community benefits from these changes!


We have done a variety of contributions in regard to performance.

  1. MultiQuery is now supported with native database drivers. This means that now you can send 2 or more queries in a single database call. This is especially useful when aggregating a lot of data, or when dealing with high latency environments like AWS Aurora.
  2. Product features are much, much faster in CS-Cart. After intensively profiling product pages, we noticed there was flawed code for product features, causing them to be fetched with an O(3n+1) complexity. This caused a significant strain on the database.
  3. A variety of new cached snippets have been added. This means that e.g, languages do not get loaded on each page request anymore, instead, they are only loaded once and then saved to the cache.
  4. A huge range of hook additions, ranging from filter hooks to database hooks.
  5. A variety of security fixes.
  6. And many more!

What now?

We certainly are not done with contributing to CS-Cart. We have contact with CS-Cart on at least a weekly basis in regard to future plans, future versions, implementations of new add-ons, etc.