SendCloud is an all-round shipping platform that connects to 85+ shop systems and carriers. Use automation to simplify label creation, tracking, returns, picking & packing, and much more.


By using this integration, you get access to:

  1. Automatic label printing (requires e.g. a raspberry pi with a 30 euro monthly fee, since we need to manage it).
  2. You use the CS-Cart 'create shipment' menu. So you can also create multiple shipments per order.
  3. Order statuses can update automatically whenever SendCloud updates the status of a parcel.
  4. It tracks the history of SendCloud parcel status updates, which could be shown to the end user, or you could send
  5. your own email notifications from CS-Cart.
  6. Tracking numbers needn't be entered as they are retrieved / updated automatically when creating the parcel.

There are also some additional features in the making

  1. Ability to create return labels, or attach them with the invoice by default.
  2. Service point pickup selection. (in progress)
  3. MultiVendor support, so vendors can create shipping labels from your backend.

You can create an account by using my partner link:, this way we will automatically be designated as your technical integration partner.